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How To | Swap, Drop & Lock Sustainable Fashion

By Honestly Alessandra | 28th February 2019 |

What a start to the year it’s been! From attending events where I get to meet like minded, inspirational people, collaborating with more and more great brands to spread the plantbased message. To an absolute highlight, being a panelist at Vevolution! It’s no wonder I feel like I’m on cloud 9! If you have been…

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5 Ways Of Practising Self Love On Valentines Day

By Honestly Alessandra | 13th February 2019 |

Whether you are in a relationship or not when it comes to love the most important person you need to pay attention to is yourself! It’s human nature to run to another’s needs or put your feelings aside, work long hours to achieve your dreams and support your family the list goes on and on…

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Healthy Plant Based Snacks to Keep at Your Desk

By Honestly Alessandra | 31st October 2018 |

There’s nothing worse then sitting at your desk at work and the dreaded hunger pains start to creep in, right? Running over to the local cafe, in-house vending machines and buying overpriced junk isn’t good enough, especially when you are trying to improve your health. Normally prepping food for your week would be ideal but…

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Good Morning! My Lemon Water Morning Ritual Lowdown

By Honestly Alessandra | 17th January 2018 |
Good Morning! My Lemon Water Morning Ritual Lowdown

Photo by AndrewProd   Good morning you guys! Today I really want to talk about how you start your mornings? Now we’ve always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but the belief of  what is a “good” breakfast is having a large filling, heavy portion of either cooked or fried…

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GIVEAWAY! One Year Supply of KiKI Health Body Biotics SBO Probiotics

By Honestly Alessandra | 6th December 2017 |
GIVEAWAY! One Year Supply of KiKI Health Body Biotics SBO Probiotics main

  Photos by Andrew Prod   OMG, I can’t get over this giveaway prize you guys! One lucky winner will win a  year supply of KIKI Health Body Biotics which are my absoloute favourite SBO Probiotics that I like to use every day! Some of you may be thinking ‘what the hell are probiotics’? and…

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

By Honestly Alessandra | 29th November 2017 |
2017 Holiday Gift Guide

  Can you believe the holiday season has already come back around! I know this is slightly early, I don’t know about you but I like to have all my gifts bought, wrapped and ready before December even comes around. So I thought I’d share some of my favourite things I personally use and have…

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Everything you need to know about Plant Based B12

By Honestly Alessandra | 22nd November 2017 |
Everything you need to know about Plant Based B12 main

    A question I get asked A LOT is,  ‘Where do you get your B12 from, I’ve recently cut out meat but not sure where to get it from now, ?’ Which is a great question as vitamin b12 is not naturally present in humans, animals or plants! Today I’m giving you Everything you…

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And the Winner is…..

By Honestly Alessandra | 12th October 2017 |
And the Winner Is.....

    I recently hosted a giveaway with some of my fav skincare brands,  Jane Iredale, Environ and Advanced Nutrition Programme to give one lucky winner an amazing skin/ beauty package that is toxic free, not tested on animals and nourishing for your overall skin health! I’ll shut up now and announce the winner, drum…

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