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Hormone Balancing Maca-Caramel Smoothie Bowl

By Honestly Alessandra | 23rd August 2018 |

  Hormones, something each and every one of us deal with daily. Only most of of suffer with issues resulting in unbalanced hormones making day to day life a little uncomfortable. Hormones play an important role from undertaking certain biological processes, including everything from growth to digestion to reproduction and more. They are chemicals that travel…

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Fresh Zucchini, Carrot Zoodletti Recipe

By Honestly Alessandra | 4th July 2018 |

          Hey my loves, today I am bringing you my delicious, Fresh Zucchini, Carrot Zoodletti Recipe. This dish is full of flavour and colour, packed with vitamins and nutrients! I love this dish as it is a great substitute for heavy, carb loaded pasta and is really easy to make. Filling our insides with…

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5 Top Natural Hay Fever Fixes

By Honestly Alessandra | 20th June 2018 |

  I’m currently writing to you from my back garden, what incredible weather we are having here in the UK! With good comes the bad the bad meaning pollen season which isn’t the best news for hay fever sufferers. I don’t suffer from hay fever myself but so many of my loved ones do and…

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Clear Cleansing Cabbage Soup

By Honestly Alessandra | 24th January 2019 |

It seems the uninevetable has come has come. Christmas and New Year’s have gone by with comfortable, mild temperates, which had us thinking it’s fine, it’s not going to get that cold lol. Now I’m sitting here with a huge fluffy jumper on, chunky fluffy socks and an even bigger fluffy blanket. I’m literally a…

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Warming Spiced Smoothie Bowl Recipe

By Honestly Alessandra | 17th January 2019 |
Warming Spiced Smoothie Bowl Recipe

With our foods changing season to season our smoothie bowls need to too! I have been so caught up having cool, colourful, fruity smoothie bowls I didn’t really think of a warmer, heavier kind. Our bodies naturally crave different foods over different seasons which is the reason I naturally felt guided to create my Warming Spiced…

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Raw Pumkin Maple Granola Recipe

By Honestly Alessandra | 13th December 2018 |
Raw Pumkin Maple Granola Recipe

Tis the season to making comforting, seasonal, yummy winter breakfasts! Our bodies naturally start to crave, heavier more calorie rich foods as it is preparing for the colder months. Consuming calories warms the body up, as essentially you are adding energy to your system. Cold weather makes your body temperature drop, which is why you…

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Keeping It Plant Based | Miami

By Honestly Alessandra | 5th December 2018 |
Honestly Alessandra Keeping It Plant Based

Can you imagine how excited I was when I found out my next keeping it plant based series was going to be Miami! Miami has been one place I have dreamed about visiting since 1997 when I heard Will Smith’s big tune, Miami lol. Surrounded with miles of beautiful white beaches, art deco buildings, hot…

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Healthy Plant Based Snacks to Keep at Your Desk

By Honestly Alessandra | 31st October 2018 |

There’s nothing worse then sitting at your desk at work and the dreaded hunger pains start to creep in, right? Running over to the local cafe, in-house vending machines and buying overpriced junk isn’t good enough, especially when you are trying to improve your health. Normally prepping food for your week would be ideal but…

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