Being healthy is the greatest start you can give your body, mind and overall wellness.

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My health journey started 4 years ago in 2011 when I (forcefully) went to a detox retreat. I went to keep a friend company. And thank God I did! Pre detox retreat I was an average Italian/Polish girl….loved ALL kinds of food and very sceptical about the whole detox thing.

My experience at the retreat changed everything! I felt like I had been given the key to the secret garden and I was the only one that had it . I wanted to implement what I had learnt immediately but most of all tell ……EVERYONE! Which didn’t go down too well sometimes as some people are just not there yet.  Which is why I decided to create my blog. So I can reach out further to those of you that ARE interested in making a change for the better and eating your way to health, beauty and longevity.

I quickly became engrossed in everything health wise I couldn’t get enough. Beauty regimes changed, I started recipe creating , reading as much about nutrition & changing habits that I had thought to be the ‘norm’ and witness myself grow stronger, my health problems disappear, skin became clear and hair thicker and longer! It was obvious to see that the key was to start by working from the inside out.

It didn’t take me very long to get myself enrolled in studying nutrition to take me deeper Into this fascinating world that I had discovered.  In the few years that have passed I have changed my lifestyle and gained more and more knowledge, life has become clearer ,simpler, healthier and happier and the great thing is it’s easy and enjoyable. That’s what I hope you guys can take away from me.

I will guide you through nutrition, whole food-plant based recipes , beauty tips and more and be there every step of the way. Its time to be the best version of you. Life is too short guys!!! so without further a do…


Let's do this!



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