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Sweet Spirulina Shot Recipe

  This week I’ve condensed the regular smoothie down into a shot, as we are dealing with Spirulina here. The idea came around when I wanted  to get my quick hit high of nutrition without being sick! I’m not gonna lie, I struggle myself to keep this one down which is why I made my…

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Energising Matcha Green Coco Smoothie Recipe

    Hope you guys have had a lovely weekend! I’ve been trying to find some energy from somewhere this week, with having so much to do and it being so cold and dark, it’s been so easy just to get stuck inside trying to warm up and ending up not having any motivation do…

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Tropical Skin Plumping Smoothie Recipe

    The smoothie i’m going to be sharing with you today is my Tropical Skin Plumping Smoothie Recipe that contains a perfect blend of skin loving beauty foods which will beautify you from the inside out. With the cold winter in full swing and drying out our skin i thought this would be perfect!   Pineapple…

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Cacao Protein Packed Smoothie Recipe

  We should all be well into the swing of things, working our butts off with better health choices and lifestyle overhauls throughout January. This week I wanted to share with you an actual, real protein smoothie for you to have after a work out and get those of you who are buying these chemically…

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