Healthy, Plantbased, Vegan and Wholefood Diet

Being healthy is the greatest start you can give your body, mind and overall wellness. A space where a healthy, plantbased, vegan, wholefood diet and lifestyle can be created, inspired, maintained and celebrated. Giving you and your body the perfect start, letting everything else fall into place.

Flat Tummy Turmeric Shot Recipe

By Honestly Alessandra | 15th October 2018 | 0 Comments

   It’s summer time and we all want to be feeling and looking our best, right?  Which for the most part we manage but once we start eating out or abroad, foods which we may not normally eat may cause us a little discomfort. First things first, don’t beat yourself up about it. You are…

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Healthy Kale Glow Salad Recipe

By Honestly Alessandra | 5th September 2018 | 0 Comments

    We all love having that extra glow and flawless skin. Thankfully there are so many beautiful plant based, chemical free make up products out there that help us achieve this ( I wear make up to events and am a girly girl so love switching up my look to how I feel) but…

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Raw Summer Rainbow Wraps Recipe

By Honestly Alessandra | 30th August 2018 | 0 Comments

  Summer calls for cold, crunchy,refreshing light foods. It the perfect time of year to take advantage of eating as many fresh raw easily digestible foods to benefit the most you can from each whole foods nutrition that you get from them in their natural uncooked state. So give your oven a rest and enjoy…

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Bamboo Clutch Bag



100% natural bamboo show stopping piece. Featuring two carry handles, natural tone, sustainable, ethical and on trend.

28cm x 20cm x 7.5cm


Hormone Balancing Maca-Caramel Smoothie Bowl
  Hormones, something each and every one of us deal with daily. Only most of of suffer with issues resulting in unbalanced hormones making day to day life a little uncomfortable. Hormones play an important role from undertaking certain biological processes, including everything from growth to digestion to reproduction and


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Love, Knowingness, Bliss

Being healthy is the greatest start you can give your body, mind and overall wellness. A plantbased approach to this is the language your body understands which is why I share everything there is that is plantbased. From vegan, delicious recipes to beauty products even events and my own experiences and knowledge that I have gained over the 10 years, I myself have been plantbased.

My passion and goal each day is to inspire, motivate and support as many as I possibly can through whatever stage of your journey you are on while building a wholefood, plantbased community along the way. The side effects from Improving or cleaning up your diet are energy, vibrancy, health, glow, clarity, happiness, confidence and consciousness, who doesn’t want all of those!

My entire platform is chemical free, cruelty free and negativity free! I aim to create a space for you to come too whenever you need.


When your body is working properly and effortlessly, everything else just falls into place.


My 5 Top Organic, Chemical and Cruelty Free Make Up Brands paste

My 5 Top Organic, Chemical and Cruelty Free Make Up Brands

By Honestly Alessandra | 24th January 2018

I am so so grateful for the companies out there that are now offering us high quality, chemical free safe make up that we can put on our face without causing harm to ourselves, the animals or the planet! It has been amazing to see over the years how the chemical free, organic make up…

GIVEAWAY! One Year Supply of KiKI Health Body Biotics SBO Probiotics main

GIVEAWAY! One Year Supply of KiKI Health Body Biotics SBO Probiotics

By Honestly Alessandra | 6th December 2017

  Photos by Andrew Prod   OMG, I can’t get over this giveaway prize you guys! One lucky winner will win a  year supply of KIKI Health Body Biotics which are my absoloute favourite SBO Probiotics that I like to use every day! Some of you may be thinking ‘what the hell are probiotics’? and…

What's in My Bag! Main

What’s in My Bag?

By Honestly Alessandra | 1st November 2017

    I’m on my way to New York as we speak and thought It would be nice to do a What’s in my Bag? post for you guys to see what I can’t live without while travelling! This is the first time going to New York for me so I’m super excited and obviously I…


Best Natural, Chemical Free Make Up Tips!


Keeping it Plant Based | Gdansk, Sopot Poland

Keeping it Plant Based | Gdansk, Sopot Poland

By Honestly Alessandra | 26th July 2018

 I am back with another mouth watering addition to my Keeping it Plant Based travel series. My latest trip was to one of my hometowns Sopot, Gdansk. If you’ve been keeping. up on my instagram stories, you will know now that I am half polish on my mothers side! Over the years I have seen…

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Keeping It Plant Based | Isle of Wight

By Honestly Alessandra | 13th June 2018

Back to life, back to reality and boy am I feeling it! Spending a week on one of the most chilled out places I have ever been, the Isle of Wight,  to then back to one of the busiest, fast paced places EVER, London, had me feeling a little overwhelmed. Myself and Stefania went for…

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Rich in terpenes

Contains a variety of cannabinoids

100% vegetable-based

Whole plant CO2 extract

Original and pure

Pleasant taste

Retains fluidity














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5 Top Natural Hay Fever Fixes

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10 Natural Ways to Budge the Bloat

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